Our Support team is composed of highly skilled engineers available 24/7 around the world

More than just an A-team able to efficiently solve your issues remotely or in person, the Support team offers a variety of services around the idea of sharing the knowledge gained on the field.

For urgent support

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Global responsiveness

The support team intervenes quickly and efficiently all over the world. A unified call centre ensures that wherever you are, day or night, you get an answer from an on-call engineer. Explanation. 

Applicative expertise and knowledge transmission

The support team gathered in-depth knowledge of our products. As the user's closest technical POC, our engineers also acquired a deep understanding of the user's needs.

Because a product can be used in several environments for very different jobs, the need for an adequate and structured knowledge transmission effort is needed.

This is the reason why our engineers have designed, based on their field experience, an attractive, complete and flexible set of training-related services.

Video tutorials

The short video format provides an introduction to the various ORT products and you will be able to get a solid initial grasp of our products.


Training gives the users the tools and knowledge to get the most out of our high-performance products. While the products are not complicated, the environments they are deployed in are complex. Armed with the training experience, users can enter any operational environment.

ORT believes that the content of the training is important, not the logistics. This is the reason why our training structure is the simplest in the industry: whatever the vector (remote, classroom) and whatever the number of participants, the training price will be the same.