Tide logger HY-CW1

Product introduction
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Tide logger 


Tide logger (HY-CW1) is a tide gauge for nearshore or shallow waters, which can obtain two set of values in pressure (depth) and temperature at the same time. It is small, lightweight, easy to use, and can be deployed for long periods of time. It can do long-term monitor in tide level and temperature.

Dual sensor,

temperature & pressure

Diffusion silicon pressure core, temperature probe

Small in size, light in weight

Weight is only 318g, diameter is 34mm, and the length is 331mm

High strength and corrosion resistance

The shell is made of POM (Polyoxymethylene) material, which has high mechanical strength and rigidity, environmental resistance, and resistance to organic solvents

Long battery life

2 lithium batteries, 

sampling interval 10min,

continuous working time ≥ 1 year 

*Note: The battery life varies with the work environment and sampling interval

Working water depth: ≤300m

Operating temperature: -25°C~+50°C

Storage temperature: -25°C ~+70°C



Calibrated measurement range -5°C to 40°C
Initial accuracy ±0.05°C
Resolution 0.001°C

Pressure (Depth)

Calibrated measurement range 30/50/100/200/300m optional
Initial accuracy ±0.1% full scale
Resolution <0.01% full scale


Power Two 3.6V or 3.9V Lithium sub batteries
Communication USB
Clock drift ±60 seconds/year
Depth rating 30 m、50 m、100 m、200m、300m, optional
Diameter 34mm
Length 331mm
Weight (air) 318g

Sample Capacity

Storage 16G
Original sampling frequency 1Hz/2Hz/4Hz
Sampling period 1min~24hour