Wave Sensor 2.0

Product introduction
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Wave Sensor 2.0

The newly upgraded wave sensor 2.0 applies a nine-axis sensor. The new optimised algorithm allows for more efficient acquisition of accurate data of wave height, wave direction and wave period. The device not only has a built-in ultra-low power embedded wave data processing module but also provides an RS232 data transmission interface which can be more easily integrated on existing platforms such as marine buoys, drifting buoys, or unmanned vessels. The wave sensor 2.0 collects and transmits wave data in real time, providing reliable data for ocean wave observation and research.

Patent algorithm of ocean wave data

The algorithm is deeply optimised based on big data to efficiently obtain wave height, wave direction and wave period. The professional version can also support wave spectrum output.

High-performance ARM processor

Professional ARM processor for faster data processing and more consistent quality.

Ultra-low power consumption

Reduced standby power consumption to 0.08W, which greatly increases system life and longer observation cycles.

High-temperature resistant materials

The use of new high-temperature resistant materials makes the housing resistant to temperatures up to 85°C. Therefore, it is more adaptable to the environment and can be used in a wider range of applications.

Storage temperature: -20℃~85℃

Operating temperature: -10℃~40℃

Waterproof rating: The sensor is not waterproof and needs to be used in a waterproof chamber.


Acquisition & Output

Frequency 50Hz
Measurement interval Minimum 15min (10min for acquisition and 2-5min for data calculation)
Output interface RS232, SCSI-26pin (baud rate 115200, data bit 8, parity bit N, stop bit 1)
Data format hexadecimal, proprietary protocol (see product manual)

Power supply & power consumption

Voltage 9 - 15V DC (Recommendation - 12VDC)
Start-up time < 50ms
Operating power consumption 0.7W @ 12VDC
Sleep mode power consumption 0.08W @ 12VDC

Range & Accuracy & Resolution

Wave height range 0m ~ 30m
Wave direction range 0°~ 360°
Wave period range 0s ~ 25s
Wave height accuracy ±(0.1+5%﹡measured value)
Wave direction accuracy ±10°
Wave period accuracy ±0.5s
Wave height resolution 0.01m
Wave direction resolution
Wave period resolution 0.01s

Environmental adaptability

Storage temperature -20℃~85℃
Operating temperature -10℃~40℃
Waterproof rating The sensor is not waterproof

Weight & Dimensions

Weight 325g
Dimensions φ168mm*52mm