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Medium Mooring Buoy-M1

The buoy body adopts CCSB structural steel ship plate, the mast adopts 5083H116 aluminium alloy, and the lifting ring adopts Q235B. The buoy adopts a solar power supply system and Beidou, 4G or Tian Tong communication systems, owning underwater observation wells, equipped with hydrologic sensors and meteorological sensors. The buoy body and anchor system can be maintenance-free for two years after being optimized. Now, it has been put into the offshore water of China and the middle deep water of the Pacific Ocean many times and runs stably.

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Hydrological index

Temperature range -5°C—35°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.002°C
Temperature resolution <0.00005℃
Temperature T63 time constant ~1S
Conductivity range 0-85mS/cm
Conductivity accuracy ±0.003mS/cm
Conductivity resolution ~1MS/cm
Conductivity T63 time constant <100ms
Wave height range 0m~30m
Wave height accuracy ±(0.1+5%﹡measurement)
Wave height resolution 0.01m
Wave period range 0s~25s
Wave period accuracy ±0.5s
Wave period resolution 0.01s
Wave direction range 0°~359°
Wave direction accuracy ±10°
Wave direction resolution
Transducer frequency 250KHz
Speed accuracy 1%±0.5cm/s of measured flow velocity
Speed Resolution 1mm/s
Speed range user optional 2.5 or ±5m/s(along the beam)
Layer thickness range 1-8m
Profile range 200m
Working mode single or concurrent parallel



High quality


Marine inshore, inlets, rivers, lakes, etc.

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