Wave Buoy 'Wave Elf'

Product introduction
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Wave Buoy 'Wave Elf'

Wave Buoy (STD) is a kind of small buoy measuring system of monitoring. It is mainly used in offshore fixed-point observation, for the sea wave height, period, direction and temperature. These measured data can be used for Environmental monitoring stations to count estimation of the wave power spectrum, direction spectrum, etc. It can be used alone or as the basic equipment of coastal or platform automatic monitoring systems.

Unique Algorithms

The buoy is equipped with a wave sensor, which contains an ARM core high-efficiency processor and a patented optimisation algorithm cycle. The professional version can also support wave spectrum output.

High battery life

Alkaline battery packs or lithium battery packs can be selected, and the working time varies from 1 month to 6 months. In addition, the product can also be installed with solar panels for better battery life.


Compared with similar products, Wave Buoy (Mini) has a lower price.

Real-time data transfer

The collected data is sent back to the data server through Beidou, Iridium and 4G. Customers can observe the data at any time.

Working water depth: ≤300m

Operating temperature: -25°C~+50°C

Storage temperature: -25°C ~+70°C


Main parameters

Positioning accuracy <15m
Power supply DC 14.6V (9V-15V)
Data collection interval 30 minutes by default, configurable
Effective data transmission time 15 minutes (10 minutes for acquisition, 5 minutes for data processing and communication)
Device startup time <50ms
Acquisition frequency 50Hz

Main functions

Satellite positioning GPS /Beidou positioning
Data transmission Beidou/4G/Iridium optional
Configuration mode local configuration
Working voltage 9~15VDC


External dimensions (diameter*height) 800×993mm
Equatorial diameter 880mm
Weight approx 90kg