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Drifting Radiation Monitoring Buoy

The buoy adopts low power consumption and modular design, which can measure and process the ocean environment noise in real time, as well as measure the temperature at the location of the buoy and the depth at the location of the hydrophone, and transmit the data back to the client in real time through the domestic satellite, providing stable and reliable data for marine scientific research.

Use environment
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Technical parameter

Measurement band 5Hz~20KHz
Sea Area Range Satellite signal coverage
Minimum Measurable Noise Spectrum Level 40dB/1KHz
Measurement noise dynamic range 48dB
Depth measurement accuracy ±0.01%
Maximum working depth Not less than 350m

1. Simultaneous measurement and online real-time processing of marine environmental noise;

2. Temperature depth measurement function;

3. Acquisition task setting function;

4. Beidou positioning and real-time data transmission function;

5. Data acquisition and storage and satellite replenishment function of data;

6. Self-sinking and self-destruction function.

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