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HY SVS1500

The HYSVS1500 series adopts the most advanced "time leap" technology for sound velocity measurement and combines advanced digital signal processing technology to achieve a world advanced level of 0.05m/s sound velocity measurement accuracy. Based on the advanced integrated circuit and sensor technology, the small size, easy to carry and easy to use sound velocity measurement instrument allows the field surveyor to completely solve the huge risk of error caused by the meter check method, and at the same time get rid of the tedious operation of the original detection plate comparison method.

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Technical parameter

Range 1400m/s~1600m/s
Resolution 0.01 m/s
Accuracy ±0.1 m/s ±0.05m/s
Frequency 2MHz
Sampling frequency 1~30Hz
Operating depth 200m

High precision

Using advanced "time leap" technology and digital signal processing algorithms, combined with new materials, new processes and new parameter calibration methods, the accuracy of sound velocity measurement has reached an international advanced level of 0.05m/s.

Fast response

With a data output rate of up to 30Hz, it is able to respond quickly to rapid changes in the sound velocity of abnormal water currents and waters, providing real-time sound velocity correction for sonar systems.

Stable measurement 

Advanced sound velocity measurement methods, sensors and new materials are used to minimise the effect of environmental factors on sound velocity measurement and to ensure the stability of sound velocity measurement data.

Easy to use 

The plug-and-play mode, which is ready for use, is suitable for all types of field equipment, specialised hand, laptop and all types of sounder can be used directly, while the sound velocity measurement components provided are more suitable for professional users to integrate the application.

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