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What are the common deploy methods of ORT Mini Wave Buoy?

The common deploy method of ORT Mini Wave Buoy is by boat, free drifting or mooring.

What is the difference between the basic version, standard version and professional version of ORT Wave Sensor?

The main difference is the measured parameters are different. The basic version ORT Wave Sensor can measure Significant Wave Height and Significant Wave Period only. The standard version can measure Significant Wave Height, Significant Wave Period, 1/3 Wave Height, 1/3 Wave Period, 1/10 Wave Height, 1/10 Wave Period, Mean Wave Height, Mean Wave Period, Max Wave Height, Max Wave Period and Wave Direction. Besides above parameters, the professional version wave sensor can measure Wave Spectrum also. 

Among them, the standard version is the most commonly used, and the professional version is suitable for special industries and special fields.

How long is the production period of Ocean Research Technology?

It depends on different products, user needs and purchase quantity. The production period can be as fast as 7 working days.

What are the advantages of the wave sensor?

ORT Wave Sensor adopt nine-axis acceleration principle. It is small in size, data is more accurate and with high cost performance.

Is technical support available after purchasing the product?

Sure. For products within the warranty period, we will provide thoughtful after-sales service and technical support according to our contract. For further needs, paid technical support can also be provided.

How can I be sure that your product has good quality assurance?

We strictly implement the ISO9001:2015 quality management system requirements, and have a professional technical team to ensure the high quality of the products. So our users will feel a good experience and service.