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Drifting Acoustic Monitoring Buoy

It can quickly monitor the radiation of various water bodies (including coastal waters, seawater, groundwater, lakes, rivers, etc.) in the field and resist the effects of bad weather. It has the advantages of automatic measurement, portable, and can be flexibly applied to a variety of monitoring environments.

Use environment
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Technicial parameter

Detection ray type X & γ
Range of energy 50 keV~1.3MeV
Reference Energy 137 Cs,662keV
Range of measurement 0.01μSv/h~15μSv/h
Response time 1s
Basic error ≤±15%( 137 Cs,662keV)
Positioning method Beidou & GPS
Return Frequency 1min ~ 12 hours
Data transmission channel Beidou & Iridium
Drift track mapping Automatic drawing

Physical parameter

Diameter 504mm
Material High strength modified polycarbonate
Water sail size Diameter 90cm, length 4.4m
Water sail depth 1~20m
Weight ( air) 12KG

1. High strength modified polycarbonate shell

2. GPS or Beidou positioning module

3. Beidou short message or Iridium communication module

4. High-poly energy disposable lithium battery pack

5. Data acquisition and communication terminal

6. Radiation monitoring sensor

7. Underwater sail

8. Connecting rope

9. Expandable sensor module: temperature, wave, air pressure sensors, etc.

Provide radiation data generated by natural and artificial radiation. It meets a variety of uses such as continuous monitoring of the marine radiation environment, early warning of marine nuclear pollution, accident emergency response and marine scientific research investigation.

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