Wave Buoy 'Wave Elf' mini

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Wave Buoy 'Wave Elf' Mini

The Wave elf (mini) is a small marine observation buoy with advanced wave sensors 2.0, which can be anchored or drifted to achieve short-term observation of waves at sea and provide stable and reliable data on wave elements such as wave height, wave direction and wave period. The data is transmitted back to the client via 4G, Beidou, Tiantong or Iridium.

Equipped with a new version of the Wave Sensor 2.0

Built-in highly efficient ARM core processor and patented optimised algorithms for measuring wave height, direction and period.

Small in size and light in weight

The buoy body is approximately half a metre in diameter and is lightweight, making it easy to transport and deploy. 

Multiple communication methods

Wave data can be transmitted back to the client in real time via a variety of methods including BeiDou, Iridium and 4G. 

Long battery life

Choice of alkaline or lithium battery packs

Operating temperature: -10°C~+50°C

Storage temperature: -20°C ~+60°C


Weight & Dimensions

Diameter 510mm (20.08in)
Height 465mm (18.31in)
Weight (air) approx 17kg (37.48lb)

Operating Parameter

Positioning accuracy <10m
Data acquisition interval 0-48h (customised)
Frequency Minimum 15min (10min for acquisition and 2-5min for data calculation)

Power & Range

Lithium batteries (12V DC) 3 or 6 months (1 or 2 sets)
Alkaline batteries (12V DC) 1 month

Appearance & Materials

Buoy body Polyethylene
Mooring rings 316 stainless steel

Output Parameter

Wave height range 0m~30m
Wave height accuracy ±(0.1+5%﹡Measured values)
Wave height resolution 0.01m
Wave direction range 0°~ 360°
Wave direction accuracy ±10°
Wave direction resolution
Wave period range 0s~25s
Wave period accuracy ±0.5s
Wave period resolution 0.01s