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Benthic Tripod 'Abyss Warrior'

Self-Recovery | In-Situ Multiparameter Observation

Abyss Warrior is a retrievable multi-parameter in-situ observation system for the seabed boundary layer, which is mainly used for comprehensive observation of the seabed.

It can carry a variety of self-contained ocean observation instruments to make long-term and stable in-situ observations of the physical, chemical, geological, and biological parameters of the seabed boundary layer. It can monitor various data such as seabed topography, ocean currents, water temperature, salinity (conductivity), depth (pressure), turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and underwater vision

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Weight & Size

Diameter 3856mm(151.811in)
Height 3570mm(140.551in)
Weight (air) approx 2500kg (5511lb)
buoyancy Positive buoyancy 200kg
Carrying capacity 80kg

Appearance & Material

Frame Material Titanium (TA2) & Tripod structure
Frame Density 4.54g/cm³
Tensile strength of frame 441Mpa
Yield strength of frame 373Mba
Floatation of reentry capsule Glass spheres floatation & Cylindrical
Counterweight Q235A

Acoustic release & Self recovery

It carries double acoustic release system. The reentry capsule can float up autonomously to withdraw the equipment and data through a manual trigger or timed release.

Firm & Corrosion resistant

Titanium frame and glass beads floatation provide the equipment with higher mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

Steady sinking & Soft landing

Proper weight distribution allows the device to sink in the water in a balanced and stable manner.

Belleville washers carried on the equipment provide cushioning during landing and greatly reduce the possibility of equipment damage caused by landing.

Customised Service

The structure of the platform and carried sensors & instruments can be customised to satisfy different requirements of research parameters. 

Operating depth: ≤6000m

Operating temperature: -25°C~+50°C

Storage temperature: -25°C ~ +70°C

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