Small Mooring Buoy-S1

Product introduction
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Small Mooring Buoy-S1

Integrated observation buoy is a simple and cost-effective buoy for offshore, estuary, river, and lakes.


The shell is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, sprayed with polyurea, powered by solar energy and a battery, which can realise continuous, real-time and effective monitoring of waves, weather, hydrological dynamics and other elements.

Real-time Data Transmision

Data can be sent back in the current time for analysis and processing, which can provide high-quality data for scientific research. 

High Quality

 The product has stable performance. 


Maintenance free for 2 years. 

Working water depth: 10-50m

Operating temperature: -10℃~45℃



Weight 130Kg (no batteries)
Size Φ1200mm×600mm

Mast (detachable)

Material 316 stainless steels
Weight 9Kg

Floating body

Material shell is fibreglass
Coating polyurea
Internal 316 stainless steel
Weight 112Kg
Battery weight (single battery defaults 100Ah) 28x1=28K
Instrument threading holes 5-7
Hatch size ø320mm
Battery capacity 100Ah, work continuously for 10 days on cloudy days

Support frame (detachable)

Material 316 stainless steels
Weight 9.3Kg
Basic configuration GPS, anchor light, solar panel, battery, AIS, hatch/leak alarm