Surface Drifting Buoy

Product introduction
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Surface Drifting Buoy

The surface drifting buoy is a kind of buoy that follows different layers of deep current drift.

Easy to find

Location via GPS or Beidou.


Lagrange's principle. 


It can not only measure ocean currents but also observe the Ocean surface temperature.

Data Transmission

The surface drifting buoy supports remote deployment through Iridium to get the location and data transmission frequency.

Operating temperature: 0℃-50℃

Storage temperature: -20℃-60℃


Technical parameters

Size φ504mm
Material High strength modified polycarbonate
Location via GPS or Beidou
Transmission frequency Default 1 hour, tunable 1 min~12 h
Temp Sensor Range -10~50℃
Temp Sensor Accuracy 0.1℃

Data transmission Default Iridium (Multiple options: Beidou/Tian Tong/4G)
Set and testing mode remote
Sail width φ90 cm H: 4.4m
Sail depth 1~20m
Net weight 12KG
Drift trace Auto
On/off mode Single contact mange-switch