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Seabed Lander 'Abyss Hermit' Ⅱ

Seabed Lander:Abyss Hermit Ⅱ, which can be equipped with various sensors such as ADCP/CTD/single-point current meter/turbidity meter, can realize long-term, continuous and dynamic observation. The new generation of anti-trawl design with built-in inflow structure can ensure the platform falls smoothly, and the secondary decoupling device, acoustic release can be dislodged independently to achieve effective recovery of the floating body.

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Technical Specification

Weight ( air) 1600kg
Buoyancy 50-100kg
Battery Life 90-360 days
Depth rating 200-6000m

The observation system is connected to the observation platform by a secondary parallel acoustic release disengagement device, the observation system is free to install other shapes of equipment, the acoustic release receives acoustic communication signals from the shore, and the buoyancy of the floating body enables the observation system to achieve effective recovery.

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