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Electro-magnetic Current Meter

Electro-magnetic current meter is a compact, lightweight electromagnetic current meter. The electromagnetic velocity sensor is a time-proven velocity sensor and allows for accurate measurements in different kinds of streams (from weak to strong flows). It adopts Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction to measure the current direction of seawater. CEC21-1 electromagnetic current meter can accurately measure the flow velocity and direction parameters of seawater, river water, sewage and other media in a fixed platform, buoy, and other platforms for a long time. Sensor built-in electronic compass, as well as an acceleration sensor. Accurate measureme of yaw angle, pitch angle, and roll angle, used to calculate, and modify flow parameters. 

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Range of Velocity 0m/s~5m/s
Accuracy of Velocity ±1cm/s+2%V
Range of Direction 0~359°
Accuracy of Direction ±2 °
Accuracy of Temperature ±0.05°
Operating voltage 7.2V~24V
Operating current 55mA (12V)
Dimensions 415×Φ50mm
Depth rating 1000m
Materials Titanium
Ingress protection rating IP68

The interface is an RS-232 interface, "3-wire" design. The default baud rate is 38400 and the data format is 1 start bits, 8 data bits, 1 stop bits and no parity.

The communication between the host computer and the electromagnetic current meter uses the standard RS232 half-duplex working method, the sensor can only respond to the next command after it has responded to the last one.

Each data transmission starts with a request from the master and ends with a response from the sensor, the sensor does not initiate the message. The data format is standard ASCII unless otherwise indicated.

The commands are terminated by a "carriage return" character. The control character encoding format is as follows.

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